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LAJOIE-SKIN. Calmmé chafing prevention
LAJOIE SKIN: Calmmé chafing prevention

We believe in solving real skin issues and not making false promises.

Skincare support for active lives
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Calmmé a chafe cream with a cult following

LA JOIE ‘the joy’.

Our goal is to spread joy each and every time you come in contact with us. Inspired to spread joy, we named our company LAJOIE SKIN, La Joie meaning, the joy in French.

Our first product Calmmé, was created so that we could spread joy to chafe prone skin. We take our time to develop products that are a ‘real’ need, no false promises.

Although Calmmé was developed to help prevent AND soothe chafing, our customers have found different uses for this one product. Multipurpose products also comply with our sustainability principles.

We are listening to you.

Calmme chafing prevention


I used LAJOIE SKIN’s product, Calmmé, to prevent chafing. It did not mark my clothes or leave marks on m skin. It was easy to apply and goes a long way. My skin felt protected and calm with the cream on. I was very happy with the protection and would definitely use Calmmé again, Highly recommended.

I have suffered rather intense chaffing in various areas of my body. After applying Calmmé to the chaffed areas it instantly soothed the pain, treated the chafing very well and prevented any further irritation. Calmmé didn’t wash away with sweat and I’ve only had to re-apply after showering. LAJOIE SKIN’s Calmmé is extremely effective.

LAJOIE SKIN’s Calmmé this stuff lasts, no chafed skin.

I used LAJOIE SKIN’s Calmmé after my inner thighs got chafed and only had to use it twice to get the chafing away.

I started to use Calmmé anti chafing cream while I was on my cruise in the South Pacific. I started to use it on the beach where chaffing can become a problem because of the sand and the warmer weather. I applied the product after being on the beach to soothe the area and that’s exactly what it did!!! The next day I decided to apply the product before going to the beach and found that it actually prevented the chaffing and kept the skin smooth. I now continue to use LAJOIE SKIN’s Calmmé in Adelaide especially if out and about when the weather is warm and humid, keeping the skin very comfortable with no irritation.

Calmmé anti-chafing cream, is luxurious to touch and when applied to my skin I felt safe that it would do what it said plus more. It left my skin feeling soft and protected. I would recommend LAJOIE SKIN’s Calmmé  to anyone.

I am a keen kayaker but the one thing that was annoying about this great pastime was the chaffing I was getting around my tailbone area. The skin was raw from the rubbing of the material of my paddling clothing being wet and it took ages to heal.  Kayaking on a weekly basis was causing the healing to not occur.  I tried quite a few creams anti-chafing creams my wife was given a sample of LAJOIE SKIN’s, Calmmé and I was skeptical when she suggested I try it. I was delighted, it was very soothing to the chaffed area, the texture light and it did not rub off on my clothes. It is a fantastic product, I still use it and when it is available to buy, I definitely will and recommend to others.

The chafe cream, Calmmé prevented chafe on every occasion when used beforehand. Once it had been chafed, the skin did not worsen and it relieved the pain of chafing during exercise. Highly recommend, Calmmé cream to prevent chafing before / during chafing.

I won’t board any flight now without my soothing bottle of LAJOIE SKIN”s Calmmé. I don’t know how I survived long haul flights before! It is long lasting and durable to the ordeals of flight. My skin is well protected which means I can travel stress free.

Australia’s climate is tough! Very hot and humid! Like so many others, I’ve put up with chafing on the inner thighs for many years, as I could never find anything to prevent it occurring. Finally!! I have found the answer to this! Since discovering, LAJOIE SKIN’s Calmmé, I can finally wear summer skirts and dresses on those humid, sticky days without suffering from chafing on the inner thighs. It has made hot, muggy summers, bearable again.

I  had chafing that wouldn’t go away from my Spartan race, however after 3-4 days of using LAJOIE SKIN’s Calmmé my skin was no longer irritating me and the rash finally went away.

I tried Calmmé on an area that was already chaffed and instantly there was relief and within one day it cleared up. I loved how Calmmé was not greasy and it spread quite well and needed to be removed by washing it off. It is so much better than other products that take days or even a week to ease chaffing.

Since using Calmmé I have noticed a huge improvement in the scarring and chaffing of my inner thigh ! The smooth like texture glides on the skin (and a little goes a long way!) leaving a silky feeling all day! A product that helps reduce the appearance of scarring AND eliminate chaffing ….. I would be lost without it! Thanks LAJOIE SKIN! =)

Provides a good and long lasting barrier to chafing. Seems to go the distance in a saltwater environment. (i.e. lasts for few hours)

The cream, Calmmé by LAJOIE SKIN prevented chafing whilst undertaking Spartan Super (14Kms) and Spartan Sprint (7Kms) obstacle challenges. In previous events, I had major issues and struggled due to chafing. Awesome product and I would highly recommend using it.

What I liked about LAJOIE SKIN’s product Calmmé was how effective it was after hours of running in bush trails and through rivers and showers of rain and being very, very sweaty the product was still there preventing horrible chafe from occurring. Chafing that so easily turns a run in the wilderness to misery. The extreme summer weather was the ultimate (Summer 2016/17) test against chafe during exercise.

Do not hesitate! LAJOIE SKIN’s Calmmé is fabulous for preventing and soothing chafing. I used it over 12 weeks of training in the lead up to a half marathon race, so I was using it regularly and it got a real work out. I was amazed. I averaged between 30 and 40 kilometres of running per week which is probably around 40 000 steps and even more point of friction or opportunities to chafe, but Calmmé never failed – I just didn’t chafe! Incredible! And, I just love the silky almost ‘invisible’ feel. It acted as a barrier without the heaviness of normal creams and the absolute added bonus of no colour or residue left on my clothing. This is a breakthrough product – thanks for the innovation. I also love the energy gone into this product to be kind to the environment and be cruelty free – makes me happy to spread the word! – Product tested in training, 4 half marathon’s including Hunter Valley Half Marathon.

Every major event, I have chafed. It has always made me sore and uncomfortable. Using LAJOIE SKIN’s Calmmé when competing in True Grit, was the first time I had zero effects from chafe. That was fantastic!

I first used LAJOIE SKIN’s product Calmmé for a 21km event and found it very easy to apply and afterwards, had no chafing. I have since used it for every long event and have been very happy with the product. It doesn’t smell, isn’t thick and hard to apply and has prevented all chafing.

Calmmé anti-chafing cream by LAJOIE SKIN is amazing.  For years I only wore pants because of the awful chafing that I would suffer. When I tried this special formula, not only did it ease the redness and burning sensation, it cleared the the pimples on my inner thighs so that my skin was smooth again. Unbelievable.  This is liquid gold. I now use it under my breasts to eliminate that redness from the bra and under my arms. Applying a little each morning allowed me to wear those beautiful dresses and skirts that had been sitting in my cupboard for years. I feel like a woman again. Thank you LAJOIE SKIN.


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