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LAJOIE SKIN.Antichafe cream Calmmé. Annaliese Gann blonde female
LAJOIE SKIN. Antichafe cream Calmmé. Girlfriends going out to party and protected with Calmmé
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LAJOIE-SKIN.Antichafe cream Calmmé protected.
LAJOIE SKIN: Antichafe cream Calmmé. Male athlete, Craig Baker, holding Calmmé in his hand. Calmmé helps prevent and soothe chafing in sensitive areas.

Calmmé, a revolutionary anti-chafe cream

Lajoie Skin and eSSENTIAL Accessibility

LAJOIE SKIN is inclusive and is committed to making everyone feel welcomed. To help those of us who are challenged with physical disabilities, we offer a free assistive technology desktop and mobile application for you to download from eSSENTIAL Accessibility (“App”). Click HERE for more information.