Adventures of Calmmé and our customers

Calmmé antichafe cream and eczema relief

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In one year Calmmé has had some amazing adventures all thanks to our customers for sharing the love.


From Australia with love and especially joy  ….

Calmmé antichafe eczema relief

Cairns in Queensland Australia

To Finland … Woah Kaisu this was super exciting for us.

Our customers from Finland

Not forgetting our amazing athlete and serious Spartan obstacle racer, Mel.

Spartan race and Calmmé

Spartan obstacle course racer















Bonjour from Paris, a place that inspired our company name.

LA JOIE, which means ‘the joy’.

Calmmé antichafe cream and eczema relief

Bonjour Paris

Israel a country rich in history was thoroughly enjoyed by Cris and her family.

Calmmé antichafe and eczema relief in Israel

Calmmé in Israel



Calmmé had a close encounter with the Mona Lisa, Joe tells us.

Calmmé antichafe cream at the Louvre in Paris

The Louvre museum















Ending with a party place like Las Vegas and a little getaway for Susan.

Calmmé in Las Vegas. Antifriction antichafe eczema relief

Calmmé in Sin City


In one year since first manufacturing Calmmé in Sydney, Calmmé has managed to travel the globe. Our customers tell us that they are using Calmmé as a primer and to help soothe and protect their eczema prone skin. Our customers are innovators and since we are listening carefully, watch this space in 2019.

A big thank you to our amazing customers, we are super grateful for your loyalty and for keep coming back to us.


Enjoy the skin you’re in.