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SELF MAGAZINE Calmmé anti-chafe cream a ‘Must-Have’

SELF Magazine lists Calmmé anti-chafe cream as a ‘must-have’ item Exciting times ahead .. we made it into SELF MAGAZINE! ’15 Fitness Must-Haves that plus size athletes swear by’, Calmmé anti-chafe and soothing cream of course! Calmmé was highlighted as number two on that list, just after Hoka runners. Yepee! Pretty awesome to see our […]


Skate Australia their journey to the World Roller Games

Roller derby an inclusive sport Roller derby is one of the fastest growing sports globally.   Historically a female focused sport, roller derby has seen an increase in participation from both men and those that do not sit within the man/women gender binary. Those minorities groups that are often isolated from other sports or communities are […]


Obstacle Course Racing World Championships – ENDURO

Running is one thing, add some obstacles mixed with NO SLEEP for 24 HOURS and you have Obstacle Course Racing World Championships 24 ENDURO. Yep, I’m tired just typing that up! The OCR World Championships are the only independent global championships for the sport of Obstacle Course Racing (OCR).  This event is designed to unify, […]

Calmmé anti-chafe cream has a cult following

Calmmé a chafing cream with a personality Imagine Calmmé, a chafing cream, with a ‘cult’ following. Our customers rave about our chafing cream. Our customers have turned a chafing cream into a bit of a celebrity. Mia Freedman said so … In the words of Mia Freedman, a woman who was the youngest editor of […]

Body Lovin Pool Party a body positive event

  Body Positivity emphasis on the word positive Australia’s first every body positive pool party was held in Brisbane last month. We were the proud sponsors of this, all women event and we had a blast!  There was so much love flowing at this CURVYAU event.   We ate,  chatted for a while and laughed […]

NEW IDEA MAGAZINE: Chafing and rashes

Chafing can be embarrassing for some .. The dreaded chafe and skin rashes are not a topic that most people want to openly chat about. So when the Australian New Idea wanted to have a chat about these ’embarrassing’ skin issues, I was super excited. Yes, excited! Excited to opening discuss those little things that […]

International Women’s Day bloody great cause

International Women’s Day and a bloody great cause! Everyday should be International Women’s Day (IWD).  Or at the very least we should aim to make each day count, equally for everyone. Empowerment through inclusivity Throughout social media today there is a strong push for ‘diversity acceptance‘. Diversity acceptance is the bear minimum. Diversity acceptance is […]