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NEW IDEA MAGAZINE: Chafing and rashes

Chafing can be embarrassing for some .. The dreaded chafe and skin rashes are not a topic that most people want to openly chat about. So when the Australian New Idea wanted to have a chat about these ’embarrassing’ skin issues, I was super excited. Yes, excited! Excited to opening discuss those little things that […]


International Women’s Day bloody great cause

International Women’s Day and a bloody great cause! Everyday should be International Women’s Day (IWD).  Or at the very least we should aim to make each day count, equally for everyone. Empowerment through inclusivity Throughout social media today there is a strong push for ‘diversity acceptance‘. Diversity acceptance is the bear minimum. Diversity acceptance is […]

MAMAMIA – life changing product (chafing alert!)

HEADLINE: 17 beauty products that changed the lives of Mamamia’s team in 2018. Calmmé chafing prevention, was featured in the round up of 17 products that changed the lives of the team at Mamamia. Media both in Australian and overseas have proactively acknowledged and promoted our Calmmé. Most noteworthy, is the fact that all the […]

Women’s Running Magazine UK

Women’s running magazine – chafing prevention for runners Calmmé is the ultimate in chafing prevention for runners. So good in fact, that Women’s running magazine in the United Kingdom have proactively promoted our Calmmé. Calmmé was featured in the December edition 2018. A pretty awesome way to end a year of hard work and therefore […]

Adventures of Calmmé and our customers

Keep Calmmé antichafe. In one year Calmmé chafing prevention cream, has had some amazing adventures all thanks to our customers for sharing the love.   From Australia with love and especially joy  …. To Finland … Woah Kaisu this was super exciting for us.   Calmmé anti-chafe for the athlete Not forgetting our amazing athlete […]


  Joyful, real and curvy are the words that come to mind, when we think of theCurvycon. Firstly what is theCURVYcon?  theCURVYcon was a three day event that was carried out in September in New York. This event brought together plus size Brands, Fashionistas, Shopaholics, Bloggers and YouTubers. Most noteworthy, are the creators behind theCURVYcon, Chastity […]

A great idea NEW IDEA

Trekking for the adventure spirit and a good cause. Being a good team player is important in all areas of your life, from work, family, to sport.  An essential part of planning adventures that involve trekking is team work. Apart from great team work and being physically prepared,  your bag pack is critical.  It is […]

It’s a Woman’s Day

As a female founder, an Australian scientist who is passionate about anything STEM (Science, Technology, engineering and Maths) and as a mother, I reflect back on the Calmmé antichafe cream journey. It is now six months since Calmmé anti-chafe cream was manufactured in Sydney and launched on line. Within one week we were awarded with […]

Proudly Australian made

Calmmé anti-chafe cream proudly Australian made. Manufacturing in Australia is a big deal! The majority of companies have closed their manufacturing facilities and moved off shore. As a chemist and someone who has worked in product development forever, each time we lose manufacturing, a little of bit of my heart goes with it. Four months […]