Adventures antichafe cream Calmme

A day in the life of Calmmé – a chafing cream!

Adventures of Calmmé is about Calmmé’s journey since its conception. Our customers tell our story and we retell their stories here. How exciting to be included in other people’s lives, as they create memories for themselves. Our customer’s also supply LAJOIE SKIN with the content for all our communication with you.

Where is Calmmé today?

If you think about it, when you have experienced chafing its normally when you are being active. So yes, its not a bad thing when you look at it this way. Being active, means you are alive and sometimes that may involve some skin challenges.

Thankfully, Calmmé is the lifesaver ready to help prevent AND soothe chafing when you are busily creating memories.

Adventures of Calmmé takes you to different places in the world and into the lives of those lucky enough to experience something new.

Enjoy the skin you’re in.