Less is more in beauty

How much do we really need? Sometimes less is more in beauty

In the words of Mademoiselle Coco Chanel,   "Simplicity is the keynote of all true elegance" Sometimes, less is more and if there ever were a time to embrace this concept, it's now. Today in the midst of a so many challenges, a shift…
Healthy and happy skin by LAJOIE SKIN.

How to have happy and healthy skin for longer

For happy and healthy skin for longer, you don't really need super expensive 'miracle' potions, lotions and 'top secret' procedures.  All you need is discipline, and a balanced approach to self-care. As a chemist who has worked in the industry…
Calmmé antichafe and soothing cream
Natural and organic claims

Is it natural? Facts behind “natural” and “organic” claims.

Is that product natural?   The most commonly asked question with respect to skincare, food and drink products. I can provide you with the tools and then you can make up your mind. I will answer this question firstly wearing my glam marketing…