Keep Calmmé Celeste Barber talks chafing! 

What does Calmmé have in Common with Tom Ford?

The day that Celeste Barber gave us a shout out was the same day that she kissed Tom Ford in a skit. How super exciting was it to watch Celeste Barber apply Calmmé in between her thighs to help prevent chafing.

It was a hot day in New York and our Aussie girls Celeste was on fire.

Authenticity is the key 

Not only does Celeste have a great sense of humour, she is a talented actress, insta celebrity, author,  mother and wife. Phew one busy lady … so inspirational indeed.

I loved reading her book Challenge Accepted.  Challenge Accepted was a healthy blend of funny, raw and super emotional at times. To be authentic and true in today’s society of so much that is ‘unreal’, is admirable, sustainable and brave. Standing up to ones beliefs is a value that is most respected and admired.

Challenged Conquered

As a start up business and especially one that involves manufacturing in Australia, we are faced with many challenges.  We are constantly tested  due to our core values.  In this case, our strong stance on what type of ingredients we use was especially hard.  But eventually, we did conquer our challenges and each ingredient is sustainably and ethically sourced.

No palm oil or palm oil derived ingredients are used in our formulae.  Our refusal to touch palm oil was nearly a deal breaker, but we did not cave in. You see what you read on a package, may not necessarily be the truth. Many hidden nasties are hidden behind other names. For example, an ingredient like stearic acid can be derived from palm oil, but on the packaging it reads ‘stearic acid’. The stearic acid that we use is derived from coconut oil and thus our challenge was conquered.


Nothing beats a plug from a much loved celebrity.  Unsponsored and not paid for advertising is the ultimate win. A win that makes all the hard work worthwhile.

Consequently, we will be eternally grateful to Celeste Barber for supporting LAJOIE SKIN and Calmmé.

Enjoy the skin you’re in.