Our Story

LAJOIE SKIN (pronounced La-ZHWAH SKIN) was created by its founder, Daphne Kapetas in Sydney, Australia and this is our story.

Daphne is a qualified chemist and has worked in the industry since 1990. The goal was to create the highest quality skin treatment products possible, that provide solutions to satisfy our skin’s ‘real needs’. By assisting with specific skin conditions, LAJOIE SKIN empowers you, so you can enjoy the skin you’re in.

Daphne believes that no matter what your skin’s challenges, or whatever your stage in life, your skin needs to be protected and treated with special love and care.


Daphne’s inspiration to create LAJOIE SKIN was to solve chafing of the skin that is experienced both in everyday life, as well as when exercising.

Chafe prone skin in everyday life

Daphne’s mother, Kyriaki’s experience of chafing encouraged Daphne to find a solution. Kyriaki was confident, strong, voluptuous and rebellious! A talented fashion designer and a dress maker, she knew exactly how to dress with style and sophistication, whilst embracing and showing off her curves. But chafing of her skin was a constant challenge and appeared under her ‘never to be dressed down’ breasts! Over the years a plethora of products were trialled to try to protect against chafing, but nothing worked. Her skin would chafe to the point of blistering and tearing, then bleeding. Doctors and pharmacists offered fungal or cortisol creams as treatment. But whilst these products cured the fungal infections from the open wounds the chafing caused, they did not prevent the chafing from occurring in the first place.

LAJOIE SKIN Kyriaki Dimitriadis

Chafe prone skin in an athlete’s life

Physical fitness, endurance and strength training have been a priority throughout Daphne’s life. From the dance and gym floor, to surf life-saving, rowing and mud runs; chafing can be a huge hurdle for athletes and exercise enthusiasts.

Calmmé (pronounced Karm/AY) is the result of LAJOIE SKIN’s, 3.5 years in research in development, which included testing on athletes and created for everyday use. Calmmé is a revolutionary anti-chafe cream.

Every one of us experiences challenges in life.
As the skin is the largest organ in the body, there is a high chance that at some point in our lives, we will experience a skin related problem. 

Daphne is also a blogger by the name Daphne K Knows.

Daphne holds a Bachelor of Applied Science (Chemistry) (UTS), Master of Business (Marketing) (UTS) and a Post Graduate Certificate in Sustainability (The University of Adelaide).

Daphne is a Surf Life Saver and is actively involved in a variety of charities including, Blood Cancer Research for Concord Hospital, Sydney, Brain Cancer Research and volunteers at Soup Kitchens.

This is our story

Enjoy the skin you’re in.