What is a charitable heart?

Charity translated in Greek is agapē, meaning “love”.

Being charitable means having a heart that loves all living creatures, no matter what. No matter who you are, what you look like or what your beliefs are based on. Charity comes with no preconditions.

Doing our little bit no matter how great or small is what we feel that matters.

Our core values of integrity, authenticity and respect are the foundations behind our company.

At LAJOIE SKIN we are driven by a charitable heart and guided through years of experience and knowledge.

To be charitable is to be inclusive. 

These are some of the different faces of LAJOIE SKIN.  A little snippet of our lives and what we love to do.


Plus size fashion supporters

Sponsors: Adevee Fashion Festival

Body positive supported by Calmmé anti-chafe cream

Main Sponsor: Body Lovin’ Summer Splash

Skate Australia team

Sponsors: Roller Derby Australia

Surf boat rowers sponsorship

Sponsors: Long Reef Surf Boat Rowers












Roller Derby Calmme

Main Sponsor: Northern Brisbane Warriors

















Bushfire Response January 2020:


It is impossible to say that we have not been all affected by the sheer devastation from the Australian Bushfires. Before the impacts of this disaster was known to the international community we had felt their presence for months.

As a direct consequence, we have committed to donate our weekend’s 100 percent profit from sales for the month of January to a given charity as the need arises.

Week one: We donated to the Australian Red Cross.

Week two: We will be donating to Wildlife Victoria.

We will continue to do our little bit.


Daphne Kapetas guest speaker brain cancer

Guest Speaker: Brain cancer research event