The Product – Calmmé

Calmmé (Karm/AY) is a revolutionary anti-chafe cream, which has been lovingly created to help you ‘protect the skin you’re in’.

LAJOIE SKIN. Antichafe cream Calmmé. Brunette sitting on a bed, with Calmmé next to her back. Calmmé helps prevent and soothe chafing for sensitive skin

Calmmé helps prevent and soothe chafing in sensitive areas.

LAJOIE SKIN. Antichafe cream Calmmé. Brunette sitting on a bed with Calmmé next to her back Calmmé helps prevent and soothe chafing for sensitive skin

Less chafing means less redness and less pigmentation.

Calmmé has been tested on athletes.

LAJOIE SKIN Antichafe cream Calmmé. Male athlete standing by the balcony at a waterfront property in Seaforth Calmmé protect the skin you're in.

…and created

LAJOIE SKIN. Antichafe cream Calmmé. Brunette female in a bathroom holding Calmmé which helps prevent and soothe chafing for sensitive skin

… for everyday use

LAJOIE SKIN. Antichafe cream Calmmé. Annaliese Gann, blonde female placing Calmmé in her bag. Calmmé helps prevent and soothe chafing for sensitive skin


Contains goodness:

Calmmé contains warrior ingredients.

A complex mixture of pharmaceutical grade ingredients create a silky and
long-lasting barrier, which helps the skin to glide and protects the skin from chafing.
The cream is non-oily and non-greasy and will not leave a mess on your clothing.
A little goes a long way.

LAJIOE SKIN. Antichafe cream Calmmé.Aloe Vera and ginger some of the ingredients of Calmmé protect the skin you're in.LAJOIE SKIN.

Calmmé contains ingredients that soothe and calm already chafed skin.

LAJOIE SKIN. Antichafe cream Calmmé.Pomegranate as a focal point and ginger in the background. Ingredients for LAJOIE SKIN's Calmmé.

All ingredients are ethically and sustainably sourced.

LAJOIE SKIN. Antichafe cream Calmmé. St John's wort extract from the foot of Mount Olympus. St John's wort extract is one of the ingredients of Calmmé.

The packaging has been designed to reduce cross-contamination.

No nasties:

Calmmé contains:
No aluminium chlorohydrate
No parabéns
No palm oil
No powder
No fragrance

Not tested on animals.

Tested on athletes, created for every day.

The aim was to test the product in the most strenuous of circumstances and the most challenging of sporting and fitness events.

LAJOIE SKIN’s evaluators used Calmmé under different conditions, including:

Ultra Trial Marathon Australia

True Grit

Spartan Race: The beast

Raw Challenge

George Bass Surf Boat Marathon

Half Marathon events

Surf Life Saving carnivals – Surf boat racing

All reviewers were not sponsored, nor paid for their comments

What people are saying

My wife has started using Calmme and she has never been happier. Now she never complains when we have to go for our weekly hike. Thanks Calmme.

Walter SIT Manager

Wow!!! Is all I can say. The chaffing has completely gone away while doing my regular exercise routine. I will keep buying Calmme for the rest of my life 🙂

Casey KHousewife

I’m adoring your chaffing cream, Calmme, in this hot weather.

Kimba JBPersonal style couch to curvy girls

Happiness in a tube and no marking on my favourite frock. Calmme anti chafe cream.

Haley RowanHaley Rowan Design

Chub rub be gone.  Thanks Aussies am loving your  Calmme anti chafe cream.

Jada JRetail

Used Calmme anti chafe cream yesterday and it was fantastic.

Rosie C

What a beautiful product, Calmme anti chafe cream! Soothing and friction free! x

Tee KPhotographer

I have taken my Calmme cream on an overseas holiday to Indonesia and am so impressed with how nice my legs feel after a day of tripping around in  the heat. A four hour hike this morning and no chafing evident!

Natasha VMakeup artist and owner of Natasha V beauty and travel.

OMG I used your product (Calmme anti chafe cream) today ♥♥♥

Blaise Bella Model and Founder of Hear Us Roar

Finally someone has thought of me and my chubrub! Thanks Calmme you def calmed my farm.♥♥

Suzana LStudent

I just tried CalmMe and it is so silky! How exciting 🙂 thank you!!

Annaliese GModel

.. am loving your cream, Calmme, helping with the ‘apron’ as I am calling it since the huge weight loss!


I can’t wait for my friends and family to try the amazing anti-chafing cream Calmme. Calmme for Christmas!